Free shredding of confidential documents - with certificate of destruction being issued. Many businesses already utilize this service, please call (850) 718-0437 for details.

  • We will take any kind of electronic device, TV's, computers, monitors, etc. FREE. Just bring them to us and we will unload them for you.
  • We take rechargable batteries for proper disposal.
  • We take any type of metals for disposal.
  • We will take any type of white goods (stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners). Again, just bring them to us and we will unload them for you

Household Hazardous Waste Services

  • ATTENTION FARMERS - we will take your old unused chemicals. Please call us for further information (850) 718-0437.
  • We will take used oil, antifreeze, and break fluids.
  • We will also take household chemicals, garden chemicals.
  • We take any kind of old paint, paint thinners, and all liquid paint related items.

Recycling items we accept:

  • Electronics, including TV’s, as well as all white goods. These items must be dropped off at our Recycling Facility located at: 3530 Wiley Dr. Marianna.
  • Any kind of newspaper, office paper.
  • All cardboard.
  • Any kind of plastic, numbers 1 -7

We DO NOT accept:

  • All types of glass.
  • No PVC piping.
  • No siding.

Note: Please do not place household garbage in the trailers. We separate the items from the trailers by hand.

We buy aluminum cans. Just bring them to our facility. We will weigh them and pay you right then. We are currently paying $.35 cents per pound.

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