Citizen's Lodge Park

Welcome sign at Citizen's Lodge ParkLocated at:

4574 Lodge Drive
Marianna, Florida 32446

Scenery and Services

This beautiful setting is abound with ponds and forests and is one of the newest parks provided for our citizens. There are six walking trails (paved and unpaved) ranging from 1/2 mile to 2 miles in distance available to the public. A fitness trail is also available. Also, many events such as concerts and festivals are held at the Citizen's lodge for the citizen's enjoyment.


The Lodge has a seating capacity of one hundred (100) maximum and has an occupancy load of one hundred forty seven (147) people maximum.


A security deposit of $150.00 is required and is refundable based on the returned condition of the facility referenced through a checklist. Other fees are as follows:

  • User Fee per day $200.00 + $15.00 (taxes) = $215.00;
  • Lodge Deposit $150.00;
  • Large Pavilion $80.63 (tax included;
  • Small Pavilion $53.75 (tax included);
  • Gazebo $53.75 (tax included).

Tables and Chairs are also provided for your convenience. The variety of which include:

  • Twelve (12)- 8 ft Deluxe Folding Tables (30D x 96W).
  • Six (6)- 6ft Deluxe Folding Tables (18D x 72W).
  • Two (2)- 48 in Round Tables.
  • One Hundred (100) Folding Chairs.

Looking out a window to the clearing ahead at Citizen's Lodge Park citize3

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