Saved by Her Weather Radio

Jackson County would like to share an article displaying the importance and potentially life-saving qualities of having a weather radio in your home.EMLOGO

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View interview with the survivor.

Smart News from E911

The Jackson County Emergency 911 Office would like to share "Smart News" from Smart911. This is a quarterly newsletter designed to keep you informed about the latest announcements from Smart911, stories involving the system, and to share various helpful safety tips.

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Special Needs Registry Program

The Special Needs Registry Shelter Program is designed to provide hurricane or disaster related evacuation assistance and care for those without other alternatives. If you need EMLOGOtransportation assistance or have a health/medical condition that requires medical attention while at a shelter, you should register for this program. If you are a client of a hospice or home health care agency, you should ensure that that they have already registered you into the system. Otherwise, you can access the Special Needs Registry Shelter Program by clicking here.

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