Active shooter preparedness - what can you do?

MARIANNA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The shootings in an Orlando nightclub this past weekend has left many wondering what can they do in an active shooter situation.

"First of all the reaction was shock. As we go through the years it seems like more of these are gonna happen," says Rodney Andreasen, the director of Jackson County Emergency Management. He has experience teaching anti-terrorism and professional military education. He also holds seminars on how to react in an active shooter situation.

"When you walk into a building, even though you come in that front exit don't count on that one single exit. You start looking around other exits," says Andreasen. "Walk them, walk to where you're gonna go."

Andreasen says the three P's are the key to survival: preparedness, preparation, and practicing. Many of his training sessions are for workplace situations. Looking around for different exits and finding objects that could be used as weapons are ideas that will give you options in an active shooter situation.

"What can I use as a weapon? What can I do to help protect myself. Those are the things you gotta think about." says Andreasen.

There are kits and devices that are available for use if people are ever involved in an active shooter situation. Items like door stops and tourniquets kits could come in handy.

"There is no guarantee in anything but we can mitigate," says Andreasen, "When we're prepared then we can execute that option that we had planned for."

Having an escape plan can also be useful. Andreasen says to treat it like you would a fire drill.

By Byron Khalil ; News channel 7 WJHG

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