Frequently Asked Quesitons

Why am I being billed for fire services? I pay taxes.

Our policy is set by the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners. There are no fire assessment fees to offset the funding for fire services in the County. 

I was transported by ambulance, but I didn't call 911. Why should I have to pay?

Although you did not personally call 911, an ambulance was dispatched to your location. Upon EMS assessment of your medical condition, ambulance personnel determined it would be in your best interest to be seen at the nearest hospital.

I received an ambulance bill even though I have insurance. Why?

Sometimes a patient's condition does allow the EMS personnel the ability to obtain insurance information. Therefore, the JCFR business office sends the necessary paperwork to the patient requesting insurance information.

I would like to pay my ambulance bill by credit card. Can I do so?

Yes. Payments must be made through the Fire Recuse Business Office directly. Be advised that a 3.5% fee applies to the transaction.

I don't have insurance. Can I receive a discount if I pay in full?

Jackson County Fire Rescue is part of the local government and we cannot reduce one patient's bill as all must be billed in accordance with the billing schedule. Monthly payments are gladly accepted.

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