Hazardous Materials

Biohazard warning signSafety Tips:

Actions during a HAZMAT spill

If you should receive a notice of hazardous materials (HAZMAT spill, you should take the following actions:

  • Protect your breathing: cover your nose and mouth with a damp handkerchief or if possible, a large wet bath towel or cloth.
  • Go inside. Stay there until your radio, television station, or local Emergency Management Office advises that you may leave.
  • Close all doors and windows. Use masking tape or damp towels to seal any openings if possible.
  • Turn OFF heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.
  • Do not use fireplaces. Put out any fire and close the dampers.

Actions to be taken in an evacuation

Evacuate if ordered to do so.

Stay calm as possible. Gather items you and your family will need such as:

  • Extra clothing, eyeglasses, prescription drugs, and a first aid kit.
  • Baby and children supplies for at least three days.
  • Portable radio and flashlight.
  • Checkbook, credit cards, driver's license, and other identification.

Other actions:

  • Turn OFF the lights and your household appliances. Leave your refrigerator and freezer ON.
  • Move to the place (shelter) designated by the local Emergency Management Office.
  • When you leave, tie a towel or rag on your front door handle so that law enforcement and rescue personnel will know you are not inside. 
  • If you need a ride, go with a friend, relative, or neighbor. Ask the Emergency Management Office for transportation if nothing else is available.
  • If your children have to leave their schools, you will be told y the radio and television stations where to pick them up when it is safe.
  • Secure your home before you leave, then do not worry about your property while you're away.

Other important information

If you see an accident or incident that may involve a hazardous material, please notify local authorities by dialing 911 immediately. Report briefly what you have seen and let authorities handle the situation from there. Do not approach a hazardous materials emergency scene. You may endanger your life and the lives of others. 

Please share the above information with as many people as you can. 

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