Modular Home Permit and Inspection Process

Permit Submission Requirements

  1. Completed Modular Home Permit Application.
  2. Attach a completed Residential Development Order from Jackson County Community Development ($50.00) and a copy of the recorded land deed. (For questions regarding your Development Order, contact Community Development at (850) 482- 9637.) * This step is not required if your home is going to be placed inside the city limits, but you must obtain a development order from the City.
  3. Complete a 911 Addressing form and turn it in to the Building Department. (If you have questions on this form, please contact Jackson County E mergency 911 by email or phone (850) 718- 0009.
  4. If you need a septic system, or have an existing tank, you must apply for a permit from the Jackson County Health Department Division of Environmental Health. Environmental Health can be reached at (850) 482- 9227.
  5. Two (2) set of Department of Community Affairs (DCA) approved plans to include Footer/Foundation Layout, Floor Plan, and Wind Load Requirements.
  6. A licensed Electrical Contractor or the Home Owner must purchase an Electrical Permit for $70.00 after the development order has been approved

Any inspection requests called in and not ready when inspector gets to site or those that fail initial inspection will require re-inspection. A re-inspection fee of $40.00 will be charged on all re-inspection(s), up to a maximum of $120.00. Fee must be paid prior to a re-inspection being made. Re-inspection requests will be handled in the same manner as the initial inspection request, with the exception that you will be identify it as a re-inspection.

A fee of 3% or $4.00, whichever is greater, will also be charged for State Surcharge Fee.

Inspections Required:

  • Footer/Foundation
  • Strapping/Anchoring
  • Final/Permanent Power

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