Mobile Home Permit and Inspection Process

Permit Submission Requirements

  1. Attach a completed Residential Development Order from Jackson County Community Development  ($50.00) and a copy of the recorded land deed. If mobile home is to be placed on someone else's property, Community Development will require a notarized authorization letter from the land owner. (For questions regarding your Development Order, contact Community Development at (850) 482- 9637. *Note, this step is not required if your mobile home is going to be placed in an approved trailer park or the city limits ( City limits requires a development order from the City).
  2. Complete a 911 Addressing Form and turn it in to the Building Department. (If you have questions on this form, please contact Jackson County Emergency 911 by email or phone, (850) 718- 0009.
  3. If you need a septic system, or have an existing tank, you must apply for a permit from the Jackson County Health Department Division of Environmental Health. Environmental Health can be reached at (850) 482 -9227.)
  4. The fee for a mobile home set-up permit is $130.00. A Mobile Home Set-up Work Sheet/ Blocking Plan must be purchased and filled out by the licensed installer.
  5. A licensed Electrical Contractor or the Home Owner must purchase an Electrical Permit for $70.00 after the development order has been approved. 

Mobile Home Inspection Requirements:

  • Someone has to be in site or the mobile home must be unlocked. 
  • 911 addressing form must be posted before the inspection.
  • Electric Poles should meet the following specifications:

Pole must be 6" in diameter at eye level. Will be measured.

Florida Public Utilities customers- 14 feet above ground, 4 feet below ground (total = 18 feet.)

West Florida Electric Cooperative customers- 12 feet above ground, 4 feet below ground (total = 16 feet.)

Meter base must be at least 6 feet above ground level.

  • Ground rod and ground clamp should be visible.
  • Equipment ground wire should be or appropriate size and properly installed.
  • All unused knockouts must be properly closed.
  • Proper wire sizes should be used.
  • Conduit should be grey, white water pipe is not acceptable.
  • A disconnect is required on all mobile homes, regardless of panel board size. 
  • Cover should be removed from the panel board inside the mobile home for inspection.
  • Mobile home installer sticker should be placed inside the home. 
  • Required tie-downs should be installed.
  • Piers under mobile home should be up to code.
  • Work should have been done in a skilled manner.
  • Septic tank should have final approval by Environmental Health.
  • Properly sized steps and handrails must be installed prior to inspection. First step must be at least the width of the door and there must a level landing from the mobile home. All steps must have a handrail.
  • Mobile home cannot be skirted before Inspector makes his inspection. Water and Sewer must be connected.
  • the orange card must be present in a windows or door where it can bee seen by the Inspector as he drives up. Do not put the white receipt with the orange card.

Failure to comply with the above mentioned requirements prior to calling for an inspection will not only delay you electrical power, but will result in re-inspection which will result in a $40.00 fee. 

You must call 24 hours in advance to schedule an inspection. There are no set times for inspections.

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