Inspection Procedure

Residential and Commercial

Prior to any inspection being made, proper permits (building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical) must be issued, and all fees must be paid and posted. All inspections must be called in before 4:00 pm for next day inspections. If an emergency exists, the Building Official may grant same day inspection. Specific time inspections will be given if, and only if, the inspectors routing will allow.

When making an inspection request, the following information must be provided:

  • Permit Number
  • Type of inspection needed
  • Contractor name
  • Directions to job site (if needed)

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Building Department when the job is ready for each inspection. Do not proceed with work until you are sure that the inspection was made and approved.

To keep a permit active, the project should have inspection at least every six (6) months.

Inspections Required

The permit holder is responsible for calling the Building Department when each inspection phase is ready. Do not proceed with work until the inspectors are completed and approved.

Types of Inspections Required

  • Temporary Electrical Service ( If applicable) - permit must be posted.
  • Footer (must conform to section 1804 of the Florida Building Code) - trenches clean and clear of debris, steel in place (vertical supports if required), any forms in place, all vegetation and organic material shall be removed from the floor area, toilet facilities for workers ( Sec. 311 Florida Plumbing Code), notice of commencement posted on permit board.
  • Under Slab - plumbing rough-in (pressure test on all water lines, sewer requirement of 5' of head. Hard sleeves through foundation wall, 032 soft sleeve through floor), any electrical conduit, air conditioning chase if applicable.
  • Floor Slab - wire and steel in place, vapor barrier, soil treatment (sticker to be posted on permit board), and forming complete.
  • Concrete Block Building - tie beam ready to pour, all steel in place and forms in place and properly braced. Ladder required to be on site.
  • Roofing and siding nail off - (ladder required to be on-site.)
  • Dry-in - framing complete (nothing covered up, no insulation installed), windows set, plumbing top out, mechanical and electrical rough-in complete. Electrical must be with panel set (breakers do not need to be installed). If using brick, brick ties will be inspected.
  • Insulation.
  • Sheet Rock nailing.
  • Temporary Permanent Power - by Building Inspector's approval and power in builder's name only for a period of no more than 15 days prior to certificate of occupancy. 911 address must be posted.
  • Final/Certificate of Occupancy - building complete, all trim, paint, etc.; plumbing complete (fixtures set); electrical complete (fixtures set, panel complete with breakers installed); mechanical complete, ready for start up; copy of final/final on Septic Tank must be completed and a copy on file before Final Inspection; certificate of final termite treatment. Everything complete, ready to move in, nothing in building except for major appliances and floor covering. Do not request a Final CO inspection unless you have everything covered herein completed. After completion of the final inspection, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) that can be picked up at the Building Department office between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm. The CO is issued only after the authorization of the Inspector.

A building or structure may not be occupied and a municipality, political subdivision, or any state or federal agency may not authorize occupancy until the department approves the final installation of the on site sewage treatment and disposal system. FS 381.0065(4)

The building may not be occupied until the Building Official has issued the Certificate of Occupancy. (Florida Building Code 106.1)

To make inspection appointments, please contact the Building Department at (850) 482- 9802. These appointments must be made at least the day before the inspection is desired. make sure you have the permit number prior to making inspection requests.


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