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Each year, homeowners and businessmen lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention mental stress, to unlicensed individuals posing as contractors. The Building Department is committed to doing all they can to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Jackson County. We require applicants to licensee to provide verification of having knowledge and skills to perform the work for which they are requesting to be licensed.

The Building Department is further committed to protecting the public against illegal contractors by educating the public.

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Certificate of Competency

Section 18-137 Jackson County Code of Ordinances finds:

Any person actually doing business or who intends to do business as a general contractor, building contractor, residential building contractor, roofing contractor, air conditioning contractor, mechanical contractor, plumbing contractor, or electrical contractor shall, prior to the commencement of any such construction or the providing services or labor in the unincorporated areas of the county (or in such incorporated areas of the county as shall be elect or have elected previously by ordinance or resolution to enter into any inter-local agreement with this county to adopt, enforce, or administer building codes or requirements within that municipality), prior to the entry into any agreement with any person to provide such construction, services, or labor, or prior to submission of any application for a building permit for any such construction , be the holder of a valid and unexpired certificate of competency issued by the head of the building department.

No person who is not the holder of such a valid and unexpired certificate shall commence such construction of the providing of such services, or labor, or submit any application for a building permit on any such construction.

A firm or corporation shall be deemed to be the holder of such a certificate of competency if the person ultimately responsible for the performance, supervision, and control of the services or labor, within the corporation or firm, is the holder of such a certificate. (Ord. No. 83-6, §2, 11-29-83)

Process to obtain Jackson County Competency Card

  1. Must complete Contractor's Competency Card Application. (Renewal Form for Competency Card) *Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ needed to view.*
  2. Provide three (3) notarized letters of reference from individuals for whom the applicant has performed services. *Letters must be notarized and dated within the last 90 days of application.
  3. Provide (3) notarized letters from persons, firms, or corporations from whom the applicant has purchased materials or supplies on a credit basis. *Letters must be notarized and dated within the last 90 days of application.
  4. Provide one (1) notarized letter from a person, other than the above, of standing in his respective community, attesting to his personal familiarity with and knowledge of the applicant's good character and reputation in the community. *Letter must be notarized and dated with the last 90 days of application.
  5. Current insurance certificate. Certificate must name Jackson County Building Department as certificate holder. General Liability and Worker's Compensation or Worker's Compensation Exemption Card.
  6. Provide copy of state license or complete an application for Contractor's Registration with the State of Florida (Construction or Electrical).
  7. Provide copy of Qualified Business License from the State of Florida. 

If you already have a Competency Card in another County and you are a registered contractor, you may omit numbers two and four (2 and 4) and just provide a notarized letter from the Building Official from that County that you are in good standing. *Letter must be notarized and dated within the last 90 days of application.

As an alternative to the letters required above, items two through four (2, 3 and 4), you may submit proof that you have obtained a passing grade on the Block and Associates standard examination for the area of construction for which a competency card is sought. This passing grade must have been obtained within the last five (5) years and be accompanied by a notarized letter from the Building Official in the County that you currently hold a license, stating you are currently in good standing.

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