Animal Control Office

Phone: (850) 718-0021
Fax: (850) 718-0423

The Jackson County Animal Control Office provides for the humane treatment of stray, abused, and neglected animals. We also wish to provide our professional assistance for the health and protection of the residents of Jackson County. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of local and state animal control laws and ordinances.
  • The humane capture and treatment of unwanted animals.
  • Investigation of animal neglect, abuse, and cruelty.
  • Investigation of animal bites, nuisance animals, and stray domestic pets.

Need Help?

To help answer questions you may have regarding what do to with a stray animal you have found, services provided by the Animal Control Office, etc. Please visit our FAQ page. If you don't see your question answered or need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Animal Control Office at the number listed at the top of the page.

Please have your pet spayed or neutered to help control the pet population!

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