Emergency 911 Office

2863 Green Street
Marianna, Florida 32448
Telephone: (850) 718-0009

How Does Smart 911 Help?

The Jackson County Emergency 911 Office operates under the State Emergency Number Plan administered by the Florida State Division of Management Services. This plan establishes the Board of County Commissioners in each county as the responsible fiscal agent. This makes the responsibility and authority for 911 within a county the Board of County Commissioners.

The E-9-1-1 coordinator is responsible to the county in ensuring that the county 911 System meets or exceeds the technical and operational standard of the State of Florida E 9-1-1 plan.


  • Oversight of training for PSAP operators in various issues.
  • Insuring PSAP equipment works correctly and efficiently.
  • Administering the monies collected from the 911 surcharge fees.
  • Evaluation of new equipment.
  • Working with addressing authorities, telephone companies, and GIS personnel to provide for the accuracy of the 911 database.

Lavon Pope, Coordinator

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